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Holiday Entitlement

i) The University’s holiday year runs from 1 September to 31 August. In addition to statutory Bank Holidays, local discretionary holidays and days when the University is closed in the interests of efficiency, you are entitled to 35 working days paid holiday during the course of the holiday year; unused holiday entitlement may not be carried forward into the next holiday year, except by agreement with the University. In the holiday year in which your employment commences or terminates, your holiday entitlement will accrue on a pro-rata basis for each complete month of service; on the termination of your employment, holiday pay will be worked out on a similar basis.

ii) The timing of your holidays is subject to the agreement of your Head of School/Offices. Subject to the organisational requirements of the University, you may request that up to 6 weeks of your normal holiday entitlement be taken in one continuous period, and such a request will not be unreasonably refused.

iii) Wherever possible, detailed holiday schedules for individual lecturers will be made as soon as reasonably practicable after the beginning of each academic year; in determining holiday schemes, special regard will be given to lecturers with family responsibilities and those who wish to attend conferences or courses that are held in normal holiday periods.